Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Poorly bunnies and chicken soup

There are no pictures in this post, and once you've read it you'll understand why!
I'm sitting under the furriest blanket we own, feeling cold and sniffing (I would say sniffling but I'm past being ladylike!). I should have suspected something was up on Monday evening, when I opened Little Miss's bedroom, to check on her before going to bed, only to find a scene from the Amityville Horror in front of me. A tummy bug was quickly diagnosed and Little Miss was hosed down, as were most of her furry toys, her bedding, pyjamas, slippers, well you get the picture... Then I had to email all the people I was supposed to see at work the following day, cancelling and rearranging meetings, organising conference calls etc and then finally went to bed feeling a bit coldy at around midnight.
Luckily, Little Miss felt a bit better the next morning and we mooched around at home together all day, although I do confess that she did lounge in front of the electronic babysitter rather a lot! This morning she woke up right as rain but school had told us she needed to be quarantined for 48 hours, so daddy took his turn looking after her. Everything should return to normal tomorrow (touch wood!)
Oh, the chicken soup, I almost forgot. I made Little Miss a chicken soup with some steamed carrots, leeks, tiny pasta and stock. I loved it but she wasn't as keen...

I haven't forgotten about crafting, I'm working on something and I will resolve to post about it shortly...Promise!

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  1. Hope you are all feeling much better and no one else has gone down with the 'BUG'!!! How did Daddy cope?