Sunday, 23 May 2010

Growing my own Pimms...

It has been a while since I updated my blog. I was doing so well in April, then life happened and my blogging went out of the window. But I have some great excuses:
I had to make my hat for our friend's 40th birthday medieval banquet (my brother and his girlfriend looked after Little Man and Little Miss ALL night!). We stayed up past 1:00 am for the first time in years!
I have the photos to make a hat tutorial, but I'm not sure there's much demand for pointy princess hats!
My blanket has been making ever slower progress (largely due to there being too much work and not enough people at work!), here it is just in case you don't believe me:

Then as my Darling Man started his usual spring seed planting frenzy, I thought I might join him. As he planted tomatoes and carrots, I thought growing the ingredients for Pimms might be more interesting. I started with Borage seeds (the flowers go in the drink), and they're doing well:

My Mint is looking less promising:

I wonder if my Parsley, which is doing far better, could act as a substitute? ;)

Maybe not!
I was going to try cucumber but, after the experience of courgette overload one year, I thought better of it! I'll post a picture of the Pimms later in the summer - promise.
It's been lovely catching up with everyone else again. I'd better plunge back into the rat race again now, there's ironing, shoe polishing and packed lunches to do before I go back to work tomorrow - no rest for the wicked!


  1. i've got borage, mint and cucumbers growing, but i have no idea what pimms are! i'm off to find out! thank you :)

  2. Love the blanket, it is looking great. :) I was going to grow broage this year, to float in lemonade ect... Also, I found a lovely recipe for a borage potatoe salad that I wanted to try. :) xxx

  3. That blanket is gorgeous! You must do some more, I love the colours.