Sunday, 25 July 2010

20 minuters!

I've realised that although I've been busy, I haven't blogged about how I've been spending my 20 minutes a day for ages, so here's the update:

I'm not a very patient person, I like instant results, so I decided to alter my blanket design and I've started to sew!!!!

I'm planning to crochet a border once I've sewn them all together, here's what it should look like when it's finished:

I really do need to get my act together and take the pictures in daylight!


  1. Your blanket looks great!

    Thanks for the comments about my recent post. I laughed at what you said about my photo - my 15 year old daughter took it just after I had my hair cut - I look better in black and white!

    M x

  2. This is so different and it really works! Did you have fun trying different lay outs? I think that is why I wouldn't do a 'join as you go' design. Lovely!

  3. Hello there! Just stopped by from the 20 Minuters and want to say how much I like your blanket layout and colour scheme. Look forward to seeing it when it is in its complete glory.
    Val xx

  4. Lovely blanket and you have a design very similar to the one I'm making with big and small squares. I'm just taking a break with only two more to go! Looking forward to seeing yours completed. Penny x

  5. That blanket is looking lovely :)