Saturday, 25 September 2010

Complete contentment

Today has been busy and I am sitting on the sofa (when I should be at the gym) exhausted now. But there have been tiny moments of total and utter contentment. I read a blog this week that urged people to do something every day that made them truly happy, and maybe that's why I noticed my moments. I was being a bit lazy though, you see I didn't actually do anything to make me happy, I just noticed things that brought a smile to my face.

I opened the curtains this morning and the sky was completely blue, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and the air was cold and crisp. Of course, there was breakfast to get, and washes to put on, and children to dress and the day to get on with so the moment didn't last long!

Little Miss had been invited to a fancy dress birthday party and announced that she wanted to be a princess with a plaited hair crown. I can't say the plaiting was the moment, but seeing her face when I'd finished was:


Later, Little Man had his music lesson. It's a bit of a battle really, as he isn't the world's keenest pianist. Anyway, he played a piece (with both hands) perfectly (a rare occurrence!), until the very last note when he went wrong. He realised immediately and giggled and I was so proud of him.

When we got back Little Miss and Big Man were still at the party. Little Man and I made chocolate chip cookies while the bolognese sauce I was making for dinner gently bubbled on the hob and filled the air with delicious smells. Judging from the number that have made it to the end of the day, these won't last as long as I'd hoped:

Then we all tramped up Wittenham Clumps where we collected sticks, leaves and seed pods for Little Man's art project at school next week:

Little Man wasn't in the best of moods when we got home, probably because he needed feeding the second we walked through the door, but anyway he went off into the garden and reappeared two minutes later with these,  saying 'sorry mummy':

I'm not sure tomorrow I will have as many moments, there's a mountain of ironing to do...


  1. Awww Children have such a way of bringing smiles, I am sure that you will have many moments today. My boys are just at the age when they constantly argue, nothing else just argue...the moments are hard to come by in this house!

  2. Wow ...what gorgeous pics..your children are girls usually know that a bunch of flowers softens me up...i love making cookies and well just about anything..i love being in my kitchen..even more since the weather has turned..keep blogging i'll be back to read more
    take care