Saturday, 23 October 2010

Hot and cold

I've just spent a week away from the Little People, it's the longest I've ever been away from them and I really missed them. I had to go to Phoenix (Arizona) for work. The flights were painful (via Toronto on the way and Newark on the way back), but the people I worked with were lovely and we had a great time. I was given the work mascott before I went (it's a long story), so I recorded the trip with Humperdink's help...

It was  33 degrees when I got there and a 'cold' 22 degrees when I left. It was a bit of a shock when I caught the bus from the airport last night in 11 degree cold.

Big Man looked after the Little People perfectly (annoyingly!) and he let me sleep in this morning until 10:10!!! Then we all trooped off to Warwick Castle for the day to watch falconners, princesses, knights and witches, but the most impressive thing was seeing the trebuchet being fired.Obviously, it was freezing cold and wet. I forgot the camera so there's nothing to see - I'm blaming jet lag!


  1. Your trip looks interesting! Must have been hard to leave the children - but obviously in very capable hands. Warwick Castle is a great day out - we couldn't tear Edward away from watching the Trebuchet! Take care. x x

  2. It is good to take a friend on a trip. Humperdink looks as if he enjoyed himself. Hope you have enjoyed your time back with the Little People. x