Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, Christmas is over, the snow has gone and the usual rythms of our lives are slowly returning to normal (except tonight when all four of us troup round to friends' for a night of festivities!). I could make a list of all the things I want to achieve in 2011 (a long list), and all the things I didn't achieve in 2010 (an even longer list), but instead I've decided to keep it simple this year and only have two resolutions, I figure that the fewer I have the fewer I can break!
My first is obvious and cliched, but with my brother getting married in August and a family beach holiday with friends imminent in May it is a necessary one - you've guessed it - I have to eat less, exercise more (or a bit anyway!) and drop a few dress sizes.
The other resolution has developed over the past few days. At this time of year most bloggers reflect over the previous year and show their pictures, some have done the 365 Photos project (a photo taken every day of the year) which I find fascinating but don't feel I'm up to that sort of commitment! So instead I've decided to post one photo per week for the next year, it should give me a record of the year without causing me to melt down with the stress of it all - there's only so much I can do in one lifetime! I think I'll post random photos, sometimes I might record momentous moments, at other times I might just post a picture of the washing up (thrilling huh?!)
So that's it, lose weight and make my blogging habit a little more regular with my 52 Photos project. If you want to join me in either venture, leave a comment and I'll start up a Flickr group or something.

Hope you have a very jolly time tonight, and that 2011 brings you more love, fun and kindness than 2010!

P.S One short note, I will not be posting my weight at any point on this blog (or indeed anywhere else), that is between me and the bathroom scales!

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  1. Happy New Year! I'm in total agreement with your two resolutions - I feel the need to be more active and get a bit fitter (hopefully the weight will fall off then!), and secondly I feel guilty if I haven't blogged regularly - particularly when I'm back at work. Let's make life easier on ourselves! Good luck with yours. M x