Tuesday, 25 January 2011

An Award!

Right, I've finished wallowing in self pity, thank you for your kind messages, they made me smile and I managed to gain some perspective!

I have been a very lucky person, Michelle from Frecklepuss (isn't that the best blog name?!) has awarded me with this:
I am so flattered, thank you so much Michelle!

The rules are that I have to write seven things about me, and then I get to award the award to some deserving (and stylish!) blogs. It's taken me a while to think of everything, so apologies to Frecklepuss for having to wait so long for my post...

I've decided to do this in two posts, so here's part 1:

Seven random things about me:

I have a dangerous weakness for Cadbury's Creme Eggs

I've lived in America and China

My happiest moments are spent dancing madly round the house, with my two Little People, to very loud music (I'm not admitting to what music, that would be a step too far!)

I'm bilingual in English and French

I loathe crysanthemums

I met my husband when we were both rowing (on a river)

I am spotting grey hairs on a daily basis now, but can't decide whether to colour them or not!

Now who do I pass the award on to? Watch this space...


  1. Ooooo you got one too!

  2. hello agian :o)

    congratulations on your much deserved award.

    you are even more of an intriguing person to me now.

    love these facts about you.

    think i'll join you and the little peeps for a wild dance, i'm sure the music will be wonderful ;o)



  3. I loved your list - the dancing one made me laugh. I love singing to the radio in my car at the top of my voice (much to my children's amusement.
    Sorry to hear about your friendship problems. Sometimes mums in the playgound can be so horrible - not a nice environment to be in, and it's hard to keep feeling positive when your child is being left out. Hope it sorts itself out. M x

  4. Well done on the award, always fun to read those secrets! Pennyx (Planet Penny)

  5. Where oh where has my little friend gone - hope you're ok. x