Thursday, 6 January 2011


I read this blog post tonight, and thought that having a word for 2011 might be a good idea, but what could it be? Some people have come up with words like 'radiant', 'better', 'effulgent' (no, I hadn't heard of that one either), but none of them seemed to fit for me. Then I looked around and realised that perhaps the word I should adopt this year is 'complete'. The reason becomes pretty clear when you see all the projects I started in 2010 and haven't finished:

Hopefully, I'll post a photo of completed projects at the end of 2011!


  1. Hmmmm.... complete! Hmmmmm.... how about 'smile'. I always smile when I come visiting my blog land friends. Thanks for dropping by and how DID you get the tag ironing going?!! LOL!

  2. a very good word indeed!
    those gorgeous projects definitely look worth completing.

    wishing you a wonderful, happy, 'super-complete' new year xxx

  3. Oh boy. That is one word I need to work on. I have too many almost-finished knitting projects. Although probably getting more organised might be a good start.

  4. I think we all need to take a leaf out of your book - you are definitely not alone with unfinished projects. Good luck and I look forward to seeing some of your completed work. M x