Monday, 18 January 2010

The 20 Minuters

I am developing a serious blog addiction(to other people's rather than mine). I love sitting under a blanket on my sofa, and travelling the world, discovering what other people make and do with their time. I have to admit I am more of a stalker than a visitor, I am one of those shame faced people who rarely leaves a comment, but all that changed a few days ago. I wandered onto Fiona's blog, Marmalade Rose, and discovered the 20 Minuters, and couldn't resist joining the (very) fast growing band of happy crafters. The idea is you sign up to spending 20 minutes every day making something (anything it doesn't matter what). There aren't any rules apart from the fact that you have to encourage other 20 Minuters, and leave some posts about your own progress on your blog. I'll hand in my first progress report at the end of the week...Promise!


  1. Good girl! I'll be checking up on your progress. lol.
    Yes of course you can use the 20 Minuters pic. Thanks for linking back to me.

    Fi x

  2. Just blog hopping to say hi and that I cant wait to see your 20 minutes