Friday, 8 January 2010

Happy New Year!

New Year all seems so long ago now. We had a great time we went to two, yes two, parties (and who says your social life takes a step back after children?!).

The first one was held by some friends who are emigrating to Perth, they should have gone yesterday (if the snow didn't stop them). The Little People had a great time and made loads of new friends, they were all haring about shoving as many sweets into their mouths as they could. The husband is Italian so he made us a beautiful sausage and lentil stew to ensure we got luck (the sausages) and money (the lentils) in the new year.

Then we set off for the next party, at other friends, where we all had a huge meal and everyone (even the smallest) stayed up 'til midnight. Just before midnight, we all marched out of the back door of the house (boy was it cold outside), sang Auld Lang Sine, watched all the fireworks that were going off around us, and then the darkest haired child was given a lump of coal and led us back through the front door of the house, to welcome in the new year.

It was lovely!

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