Sunday, 31 January 2010

As easy as ABC...

I've been colouring in this week. It all started when I noticed that Little Miss's alphabet poster was looking very dog eared. At first I thought I'd just buy another one, and then I remembered the creative promise I made and started to draw my own. Here's a sneak peak of the first letter, if it goes well I might post some more, we'll see...
I'm really pleased with the progress I've made with my granny square blanket this week. The inspiration for it came from two very creative and talented bloggers, Lucy, at Attic 24, and Fiona, at Marmaladerose. I'm not sure that my colour choices are quite as beautiful as Lucy's, nor that my blanket will be quite as gorgeous as Fiona's, but I like it anyway. My only problem now is how to organise the squares. Like this:
Or like this:
What do you think?


  1. LOL! I did exactly the same thing with mine. I think the first choice looks much nicer and I think I decided it would be easier to join together that way too.

    Thank you so much for pointing me in the direction of pink and polkadot's blog on chair covering. She makes it look so

  2. Looks lovely both ways, but personally I prefer the second option. I like that the small squares form a border round the larger ones.

  3. Hi - thanks for the lovely comment about my cupcakes. Bit of an obsession at the moment. Good old Hummingbird Bakery cookbook - £4 well spent!
    I used to just use a spoon for the frosting, but decided I wanted a better/neater look, so I dug out my old icing set and use the largest nozzle. Uses up more frosting this way, but heigh ho! M x