Monday, 1 March 2010

Froggy Fun

I've noticed that this blog has become a bit animaltastic recently, what with birds, ladybirds and now...frogs! I got a new mobile phone for Christmas. I wanted a phone, you know, one that you can make phone calls on (call me old fashioned!), but Big Man told me they don't do those anymore. My other stipulation was that it had to be pink, what can I say? It makes me happy, and it has an added advantage: Big Man and Little Man wouldn't been seen dead with it!

Anyway, I am now the proud owner of a pink Walkman, camera, torch, oh yes and phone! The problem is that I'm not very careful with it, it needed a holder before I scratched it. After about half an hour, I had killed two birds with one stone (told you I'm animaltastic at the moment!), I'd done my 20 Minuter thing and Froggy was born. I sort of made him up as I went along. I think he's cute, and he made me smile!

Can you see my little pink phone/kitchen sink poking out?

Hope he made you smile!