Monday, 15 March 2010

I've started, but will I finish?!

The 20 Minuters' Challenge is really good for me, but it's also starting to cause a little (but growing) problem.

I decided to use the Challenge to start and finish my granny square blanket. This started really well, but after a while my blog began to get a bit boring with reports about squares, squares and (yes, you guessed it) more squares. I felt I should introduce a bit of variety, and that's when the trouble started. I made this and this and this, I started a picture of letters for Little Miss, restarted a cross stitch (more about this another day) and I'm thinking of making a dress for Little Miss (when I'm next feeling brave!)

Have you spotted the problem yet? I'm in a frenzy of productivity, but I've stopped finishing things...I've even started to think about making a start on a homemade Christmas this year!!! Stop me now!

While I pull myself together, here's my granny square progress report:

Sorry about the lack of light in the picture, I left it too late in the day...

Hope you're having more success with the finishing thing!


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  2. Very very nice work you have there. :) :) :)

  3. I'm sure you'll finish it, and you'll be so proud when you do. I have a few unfinished projects, I will get round to doing them, but at the min, I have more pressing projects to finish, thats my excuse anyway, lol. xxxx

  4. Your blanket is looking gorgeously scrummy. How can any one tire of looking at granny squares. Go for it girl! Get that blanket finished.

  5. I know exactly what you mean!! And in a way posting the same feeling the other day!! Great minds always think a like!! So I am having a finishing off week - well almost. I love your Granny Squares. The colours and the pattern. I have never thought of putting little squares in between larger ones. Well done and I look forward to seeing a finishing off week over here too!

  6. Am loving the blanket - looking forward to seeing the finished article. I have so many Works In Progress - I keep seeing new ideas and just have to have a go, and nothing gets finished! All I've posted recently is cupcakes - I did feel a bit like a production line last weekend! At least they all got eaten by my colleagues. Take care. M x

  7. Granny squares are looking good. I have one on my to do list!.
    It's never to early to think about Christmas!
    Looking forward to seeing more projects.

    Jille x