Monday, 8 March 2010

Me and R White's Lemonade...

When I was growing up there was an advert on TV about a secret lemonade drinker, if you're interested you can watch it here:

R White's Lemonade advert

Be warned! You really won't get the tune out of your head once you've heard it...

Anyway, I was reminded of R Whites in a meeting today. Someone wanted to know how many people Twittered, how many were on Facebook and how many had a blog. I was the only one who blogs. Everyone wanted to know the name of my blog, and that was where things got a bit complicated. You see, no one knows I blog, I am (like the secret lemonade drinker) a secret blog writer, and I like it that way! I love meeting new people and reading comments from people I've never met, it really makes my day, but I also love the anonymity of blogging. Is anyone else like me, or am I just unique (weird!)?


  1. Yes I have got the song in my head now - thanks!!
    I too blog in secret (well, apart from hubby and my parents). None of my friends or colleagues know - I don't know why I haven't told people. I do use Facebook, but not Twitter (although I do have an account) - I just don't get it!!
    Take care M x

  2. oh I remember that advert and now I will go to bed with the tune!!! Like your little froggy! Thanks for dropping by - it is great making friends from blog land.

  3. Your not werid at all, I can see where you are coming from.:) xxx

  4. Good for you, I hope you didn't tell them. Luuuuurve the frog. Excellent.

  5. Noooooo. I am also a secret blogger - so you can't be weird or what would that make me?