Monday, 15 March 2010

Mother's Day

Little Man and Little Lady outdid themselves with flowers for Mother's Day. Well Little Lady did, I'm not sure what Little Man's pot (from Beavers) will produce.
We all went to the Indian restaurant in town for an all you can eat buffet lunch, and had a surprisingly good time.
It was the first time we had taken the Little People to an Indian restaurant. It's always nice when you go somewhere and your children are beautifully behaved, I can't say it always happens (!) but yesterday was one of those days...
The rest of the day was spent encouraging Little Man to tidy his room (with partial success!), ironing, polishing shoes ready for school, baking banana bread, washing up, oh and stealing 20 minutes to read the Sunday paper with one or two (or maybe three or four...) Liquorice Allsorts (well there have to be some perks to Mother's Day, surely!)

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