Sunday, 11 April 2010

Birdy took off...

You may or may not remember this little guy:

Well it was my Mother in Law's birthday, as usual (not that I'm bitter or anything) I was on present buying duty, and the said recipient was not forthcoming with present ideas. Although my MIL says she hates surprises, I have a sneaking suspiscion that she loves them really, because she always refuses to offer even a hint of what she might like for Christmas or birthdays.
Anyway back to the story. She came over this weekend and it was time to hand over her birthday gifts. I wrapped some soap (very artistically, even if I do say so myself!), some notelets, some chocolates and we had sent flowers on the day. Suddenly, I felt the offerings were a bit sparse so I rushed into our room grabbed Birdy from his perch on our headboard, wrapped him and sent him off to his new home. I miss his lavender scent and his sparkle. I can't believe I gave him away so easily! I'll have to get my crochet hook out again...

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  1. How very thoughtful of you, I'm sure your MIL will of loved all her pressies, especailly the birdie. xxx