Thursday, 22 April 2010

The Bumble bee Pub

I've never kept a diary, so this is the closest I've ever come to recording the little events of my life. I've found that I really enjoy looking back and reading about things I had forgotten about. So this is a short post about a small event that made me smile, I hope it does the same for you!

Last weekend we were out in the garden enjoying the sunshine, mowing the lawn and planting seeds. The Little People were eager to 'help' as always. I asked Little Miss where the trowel was and she pointed to the flowers in the picture and said "it's where the bees go for a drink!" I loved that - we have a bumblebee pub in our garden!

We also have a drunk frog! I don't go in for ornaments in my garden, but being half French, I had to have this little chap:


  1. Such lovely flowers. Love the bumblebee pub!!

  2. Aaaw, so sweet, bless her. Don't you just love what children come out with?
    I'm a bit late but thank you for the virtual giveaway, what a fantastic idea! How are the pretty slippers coming along?

  3. HI back!

    My hubs is English and we lived and worked there before moving to France nearly 10 years ago! I still have half my family in London sister etc :)

    So Mother's Day falls in different places for us too! But since in France we celebrate it later, and most of my readers are from America...

    The first comment I left on your blog here was waaaay back 'cause I saw your grandma is French and I was so crazy about the Nutella pot hehehe

    I am rubbish at cake decorating, so I'll be back for pointers, ok?! :)

    The link party is going on on May 3rd, so if you have any more goodies, feel free to link up! Thanks for placing my button on your sidebar too! :)

    keep in touch,

  4. I love your frog!

  5. Hiya, wer'nt the gymnasts on BGT just amazing! I loved them! Thanks for your comment. :) xxx