Friday, 9 April 2010

Busy, busy, busy

Little Man is on holiday so we've been getting busy, I thought I'd post a photo diary of our Tuesday (yes, it has taken me until now to post it!):
First, we went into town (the weather wasn't great)

Then we bought some needles from the haberdashers (I love these shops, they're so old fashioned and higgledy piggledy AND they have EVERYTHING!)

Then Little Man had to have his hair cut. He's been getting his haircut in this little barbers' for 6 years. Little Man started off screaming every time we went, but the lady who cut his hair charmed him (and the lollipop she gave him for being good, every time, helped too). But now the lady's moving away so the shop is closing, and no one cuts his hair better...I'm heartbroken

Finally, I found a bargain, and put the money my parents gave me for my birthday to good use. I haven't been able to sit on it yet though...Maybe one day!


  1. What a very lovely, quaint town, I love the look of it from your photo's. xxx

  2. Aren't the holidays great - just a chance to do normal stuff with the kids, without the usual demands of life during term time. I've really missed mine this week while they have been at their grandparents - but they are back tomorrow morning.
    Don't be a closet Twilight fan - be proud and shout it from the rooftops!! I finally succumbed and started it again yesterday which means I will have to reread the whole saga (not really a hardship though lol). Enjoy next week. M x

  3. Love that chair!! I might need to ask for one like it for my next birthday.