Tuesday, 13 April 2010

I went to Bath for a bath

I've just spent the day at Thermae Bath Spa. One of my best friends got vouchers for her 40th (almost a year ago!) and asked me to go along with her!

It was blissful! We floated in the roof top pool in the natural thermal spring water, where the sky was blue, the water was warm and the breeze, as we got out, was somewhat bracing! After that rather indulgent start, we made our way down to the bottom of the building for our session in the Kraxen Stove (where we were steamed to medium rare). We had a lovely lunch and then floated in more hot pools (indoors this time!) until it was time for my friend to go and have a whole afternoon of treatments (it's a hard life!). I made my way to the steam rooms which was definitely the best bit of the whole thing, it's a bit like a space age take on the Roman bathing experience.

I came out totally relaxed and wandered round Bath window shopping. Obviously, homage was paid to the Cath Kidston shop, numerous shoe shops were visited, I took a tour of Laura Ashley and found a very lovely shop called Vinegar Hill on Milsom Street, they have a very basic website here. However, I am proud to say I bought nothing!

Although, the reason for the lack of purchases may have been because I soon discovered that I'd left my mobile phone in the pocket of my spa bath robe. I rushed back and ask them to search through hundreds of wet robes to find it, and they did! Happy days!

Bath is one of my most favourite places in the whole world, so on the way back to the car I took some snaps - They're not good enough to be called photos! I didn't go past any of the famous places, so this is the 'ordinary' Bath, if a World Heritage Site can be 'ordinary'! Anyway, enjoy:

I loved the daffodils here, you can just make them out!

I didn't realise the motorbikes featured so prominently when I took this one!

I really needed this little outing. My Big Man went to Houston, on business, for two weeks last Sunday. I love the 'exclusive' time with the Little People, but I do find juggling everything alone a bit exhausting! Only eleven days to go!


  1. i bet the spa was heavenly. xxx

  2. Sounds like the perfect day!

  3. Oh isn't it wonderful? I was very lucky not long ago as my friend surprised me with a trip to Bath to therme spa. We had such a ball. I suffer with a terrible back and hips and the water did it the world of good(Or maybe it was just my imagination). Bath is one of my most favourite places. Love all your pics and your give away is a wonderful kind idea xxxx