Monday, 5 April 2010

Mug love

No, I'm not a mug in love. As you may have gathered from the picture, I'm in love with a mug. Sad but true.

I found the said mug as I wandered through the local farmers' market a couple of weeks ago. I came across a stall owned by Ken Mills. The pottery was very reasonable, and I loved the shape of the small mugs. But it was only when I had my first cup of tea that I realised it is perfectly shaped for my hand, the colour is perfect and they provide just the right amount of tea for me. Good thing I bought four!

As I said: Mug love! Have you got mug love too?


  1. I've definitely got mug love, lol. I am totally in love with my new, floral mug. :) xxx

  2. My mug love is with a set of six I bought for our camping nights away. They are bone china - no slumming it when we camp!! - and very spotty in a rather rainbow way. I love your blue. So vibrant and happy. You have to smile!

  3. that shade of blue goes so well with the lovely daffodils :o)