Saturday, 3 April 2010

Nesting for Easter

I promised the Little People we'd craft for Easter, and when I mentioned chocolate I was swept into the kitchen. After paying a visit to Attic24 earlier in the day we were inspired to get these out (thanks Lucy!):

We melted about 100g or 4 oz of chocolate (in the microwave) then poured about 100g or 4oz of All Bran into it, and stirred it round until everything was chocolatey.
Then we melted more chocolate in a bowl, and dipped the Mini Eggs into it to stick them onto the nests. Obviously, not all the eggs made it to their intended destination, hence the distinct lack of them in some nests:

After all that I still had some melted chocolate left, so I dipped pieces of banana into it, here they were:

They didn't last long!

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  1. Those choc covered bananas look very inviting. Good idea...